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The Be Kind. Always. Foundation and D.O.P.E. (Dare to Offer Peace to Everyone) clothing line is a non-profit organization created by Timothy and Jessica Griffin in honor of our younger brother, Stephen, who lost his life to depression. The purpose of our organization is to spread mental health awareness and prevent suicide through spreading our brother’s message of kindness and humility.

Our brother, Stephen, spent much of his short life reaching out to those with similar struggles, offering words of support and motivation to help them. You may have heard the saying, “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be Kind. Always.” (-Unknown). With the inspiration of this quote, and of how our brother lived his life by helping others, The Be Kind. Always. Foundation and D.O.P.E. line was created. We are here to continue this extension of peace, and we in turn dare you to offer peace to everyone.

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Our Goal

Our biggest goal, aside from preventing lost lives, is to break the stigma surrounding mental health. Depression does not have to have a stigma attached to it anymore, and we aim to change that. The messaging of our clothing is meant to be a conversation starter as we aim to #BreaktheStigma surrounding mental health and the silence that comes with it. It is our hope to spread this message as far and wide as we can to change the conversation regarding mental health, and in turn, help those struggling.

Although donations help us to keep our organization running, our priority is spreading our message of peace and kindness. If you wish to show support, we encourage you to make a purchase from our clothing line and hopefully influence those you may surround to not only practice kindness, but spark a conversation regarding mental health. If a purchase is not wished to be made, donations are accepted and appreciated via PayPal or at the donate link at the top of the page.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us and has helped to make this world a better place.

– Timothy Griffin, President, Co-Founder

– Jessica Griffin, Vice President, Co-Founder

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